• Chauffeuring passengers from location to location.

  • Provide passengers with assistance entering and exiting vehicles.

  • Assisting passengers in the handling of luggage & providing drinks to customers.

  • Perform daily routine vehicle maintenance such as checking of tire pressure, topping up fuel and car wash.

  • Ensuring vehicle cleanliness.

  • Communicate with dispatchers by radio or telephone to exchange information and receive requests for passenger service.

  • Ensures guests’ safety during the journey.

  • Provide a smooth and pleasant journey.

  • Meet & Greet services at the airport.


  • A valid class 3 driving license with minimum of 2 years driving experience.

  • Minimum age of 27 years.

  • Ability to work on weekends and / or Public Holidays.

  • Fluent in English with strong verbal, written, and communication skills (professional grammar and tone).

  • Passion to serve customers.

  • Familiar with Singapore road, hotel locations, places of interest and food establishment locations

  • Pleasant personality.

  • Good knowledge of streets in Singapore.

I acknowledge that I am applying for employment by Wolero Private Limited (the “Company”), and I hereby consent to the Company collecting, processing and using my personal information for the following purposes: • To contact and communicate with me in connection with my application; • To discuss and evaluate my application; • To conduct any background checks or similar activities; and • To conduct, or to comply with any lawful order or request made in connection with, a ny investigation or proceeding, or to otherwise deal with any grievance, by, against or otherwise involving me. I also consent to the Company and its affiliated entities: • In conjunction with the above, disclosing or transferring any part or all of my personal information to any of its affiliated entities and/or to any of the Company’s or its affiliated entities’ vendors or service providers, and to transfer or store the same to or in any part of the world; • Retaining any or all of my personal information for such period as it may determine to be appropriate, including for audit or compliance purposes anywhere in the world; • Disclosing and using any or all of my personal information where reasonably required for purposes of evaluating my application; and • Permitting or authorizing of any of its affiliated entities to do any of the things that the Company is permitted to do under this document. “my personal information” includes but is not limited to my name; address; NRIC or passport num ber; birth date; blood type; photograph(s); contact information such as telephone number(s) and email address(es); family information; educational, professional and employment history, records, certifications and information; information on memberships in organizations; health and disability information; bank account and other payment information; criminal records, if any; and performance information.

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